Communication with Local Communities

Site overview

We aim to be a disaster-resistant plant and produce catalysts, which are our primary sources of revenue.

Based on lessons learned in the Osaka district hit by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the Gotsu Site was established in Gotsu, Shimane in July 1996 to secure a stable supply of products. While we manufacture products for a wide range of applications, this site produces catalyst materials for purifying vehicle emissions to remove harmful substances, supplies the world with these products, and is now a respected production base in the environmental field.

To respond to recent expansions of demand, the Gotsu Site is planning to acquire land adjacent to its premises and construct a new plant in 2018.

The Gotsu Site not only produces catalysts for automobiles as flagship products but also builds supply systems for dental ceramics, fuel cells, and secondary cells to speedily respond to customers’ needs.


Start the construction of a new Gotsu Site building

We start the construction of a new building for increasing the production of catalysts in summer 2018. The Gotsu Site will greatly change and grow.

Rendering of the new building

Local contribution activities

Grow together with local communities in abundant nature

We have a liaison committee in the industrial park, through which we participate in cleanup activities, baseball tournaments, marathon races, and other events. We encourage employees to deepen exchanges with friends outside the company and participate in the company’s club activities, avocational activities, or local events. Thus, we promote interaction with local people.

Marathon race

Message from the Site Manager

Located in Shimane endowed with nature, the Gotsu Site runs plant operations rooted in the communities. Based on the idea of putting three values into practice in the corporate philosophy and the idea “no growth of people, no growth of a company,” all of the employees working at the site continue to offer valuable products to customers.

Yukihiko Maekawa, Manager of the Gotsu Site


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