For half a century since the establishment Daiichi Kigenso Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. has been engaged in R & D and seeking possibilities of zirconium compounds and the consequent production activities.
There are two methods of dry and wet types to produce zirconium compounds. We are the only company that can choose either method of production depending upon purposes of use.
Furthermore, we are one of the two manufacturers in the world that have an integrated production system from crude ores to finished products. Especially, our production system boasts a high level of cost-wise competitiveness that outclasses from others.

Zirconium compounds are used in a variety of applications including paints/ pigments, refractories, electronic parts, oxygen sensors, braking materials, glass coatings, catalysts, optical fiber connectors and artificial bones. With the recent environmental issues, we now see a rapid growth of volume in its application as a catalyst to clean exhaust gas from automobiles.

Our full product line-up as a result of efforts with many customers over the world is now capable to cope with any one of such applications. We, as a global company, now procure materials from a number of sources in the world and sell our products to users in more than twenty countries.

We are confident enough to boast our high technological level cultivated for half a century and the world-largest production volume as the top manufacture of zirconium compounds both in name and realty.

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