"Continuous Supply of Something Valuable to Society"

For half a century since establishment we have been engaged in the R & D activities for zirconium compounds. The founder's dream of "Let's bloom the flower of possibilities from zirconium compounds for contribution to society" has been brought into a realty, through the proven applications of our products in various fields such as optical or electronic parts, steelmaking, automobile and catalyst industries.

Zirconium compounds as new energy material for the next-generation, on the other hand, are now being developed for practical applications in the field of catalysts for pefc and solid electrolyte for sofc. Part of the ongoing developments have already been materialized and supplied commercially in the market.

"The person who lives valuable life deserves to pursue a continuous supply of something valuable."

Our technologies and experiences so far obtained in search for solutions to users' requirements and through our research for new applications are now preserved as know-how in our company. All of them are valuable properties to develop our new products, and they should be handed down from one person to another like an unbroken stream in the company. We always place a high priority on our employees working in the stream, and do wish their living worthwhile lives.

"Striving for Further Growth"

Our accumulated know-how is also applicable to other compounds than zirconium, as represented by the product lineup of rare earth and cesium compounds. Upon the fundamental technologies of Zirconium added by other elements for development, we are striving to grow our business further. Your continued assistance and patronage with DAIICHI KIGENSO would be greatly appreciated.

Tsuyoshi Inoue, President


.Tsuyoshi Inoue, President


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