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  • 2. We respond to customers' expectations with our technology.


We respond to
customers' expectations
with our technology.

Our zirconium compounds support various industrial bases.

We have provided functions that meet different needs of different times by using zirconium. We continue to work on research and development to enhance the potential of zirconium in the future.



Used as raw materials for capacitors to contribute to downsizing and improvement in the performance of parts


Automobile catalysts

Develop products with high catalytic performance in response to increased awareness of the environment


Fine Ceramics

Develop fine ceramics for applications where biocompatibility, high strength, high toughness, or wear resistance is required


Fuel cells

Zirconium attracted attention as a material that meets both heat resistance and electric property requirements.

We provide raw materials and additives for products essential to our life.

Applications of zirconium

Zirconium is used widely not only for industrial applications but also for general applications.

Spark plugs for automobiles

Spark plugs for automobiles

Brake pads for automobiles and motor Bicycles

Brake pads for
automobiles and motor



Electronic lighter

Electronic lighter

Electronic parts (capacitors)

Electronic parts (capacitors)

Artificial teeth

Artificial teeth



Applications of compounds other than zirconium

Based on element technologies for producing zirconium, we develop and commercialize various compounds.

Cesium compounds

Cerium compounds

Lanthanum compounds

Industrial products
Automobile parts
Electronics products

Industrial products
Electronics products
Automobile parts

We can produce zirconium compounds by a wet or dry method according to customers’ needs.

Differences between the wet method and the dry method

the wet method the dry method
Major manufacturing
Chemical reaction melting, crushing, classification
Features Can be used to meet various property requirements. Our own powder processing technology makes the production of special products possible.
Major applications Fine Ceramics, Catalysts, Electronic materials Refractories, Brake Materials


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