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1. Zirconium Oxide
2. Stabilized Zirconium Oxide
3. Composite oxide
4. Zirconium Compounds
5. Zirconia Sol

6. Rare-earth Compounds
7. Cesium Compounds
8. Cesium Flux / Wire Ring
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Cesium Compounds

  • Cesium (Cs) belongs to group 1A(alkali metals) of the Periodic Table. Cs has an atomic number of 55 and an atomic weight of 132.9. Cs is the most electropositive atom and the chemical properties resemble potassium and rubidium, which are belonging to same alkali metals group.
  • DAIICHI KIGENSO produces continuously various cesium compounds from ore, which compounds have high purity and excellent characteristics for unlimited applications, and supplies these products to industries.
Product Chemical Formula Form & Appearance Application Typical Packing

Cesium Hydroxide Solution

CsOH Pale yellow water solution Catalyst, Polymerization agents 50 - 100kg chemical drums

Cesium Sulfate

Cs2SO4 Clear and colorless water solution Catalyst, Raw material for cesium compounds 100 - 250kg chemical drums

Cesium Carbonate

Cs2CO3 White crystal Catalyst, Raw material for Cesium compounds, Glass 10kg polyethylene bags

Cesium Iodide

CsI White crystal Infrared optical material, Fluorescent substance 1 - 5kg polyethylene bags

Cesium Chloride

CsCl White crystal Catalyst, Chlorination reagent, Fluorescence substance, Biological research (Density gradient centrifugation reagents) 10kg polyethylene bags

Cesium Trifluoro-acetate

CF3COOCs Clear and colorless water solution Biological research (Density gradient centrifugation reagents) 0.5 - 1kg brown botteles