Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Only those who live “worthy lives” should deserve to pursue a continuous supply of “worthy products” to society. To attain worthy lives, they should have a “worthy workplace” where they would spend a large part of their lives.

Management Policy

Put three kinds of worth into practice

Worthy products

Develop creative and high-value added products based on new ideas or technologies.

Worthy lives

Offer products that contribute to the development of society and thus make the lives of people working there valuable.

Worthy workplace

Provide a workplace full of enthusiasm where employees can keep trying to fulfill their lofty vision.

Putting these three kinds of worth into practice is the management philosophy which we have followed since our foundation, and the reason for our existence, which also makes our employees’ lives productive and rewarding. Based on this idea, we will continue to take on new challenges in the future.

Always put customers first

Our development as a material manufacturer is based on users’ or customers’ development. The partnerships with many customers we have cultivated since our foundation is a great asset to us. Our integrated production system of producing materials from raw ore, which is rare in the world, is a means to live up to the trust of customers. We continue on our course earnestly in order to earn more trust through team play by the research and development, production, and sales divisions.

Fulfill social responsibilities

We believe that contributing to social progress and the resolution of environmental issues by developing technologies and providing products is a corporate social responsibility. Fulfilling responsibilities that come along with business activities, such as compliance with laws, environmental protection, protection of human rights, responsibilities for working environments, and consumer protection, is essential. All of our employees and those concerned make it a principle to put a priority on social benefits.


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