Greetings from the President

Tsuyoshi Inoue, President

Since “No one else is working on it, we will work on it.”
The spirit at the time of foundation still remains.

Tsuyoshi Inoue
President, Representative Director

We were founded in 1956. Our company was founded driven by the founder’s desire to “Work on a substance no one else has worked on without any constraints.”

At that time, zirconium was very expensive and not commonly used except that metallic zirconium was used in nuclear reactors. The substance had no use and little demand and no company worked on it. However, it is a fascinating substance.

Since our foundation, we have spent all our time elucidating the properties of zirconium compounds and working on the development of their applications. At the beginning, it was used in surface treatment agents for cardboard because of its water repellent property. It is now used in the coating, papermaking, ceramics, optical material, electronic material, oxygen sensor, fine ceramics, and many other industrial fields. Especially because of its heat resistant and ion conducting properties, it is used in catalysts for exhaust purification and considered as an essential substance in the automobile industry from an environmental perspective.

About 60 years after it was born as a material used in the field of atomic energy, zirconium is now emerging at the center stage of an energy revolution in the form of fuel cells.

As one of the world’s top manufacturers of zirconium compounds, we will lead the development of their applications as well as make efforts to further enhance an integrated production system where all the processes are performed in-house, make quality, quantity, and cost improvements, strengthen technological capabilities so that all needs can be met, and enhance the corporate value.


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