Return to Stockholders

Approach to profit allocation

The Company’s approach to profit allocation is based on the principle of proactively returning profits to shareholders while comprehensively taking into account our business performance and the promotion of investment in strategic areas, aiming for a payout ratio of 30%.
The Company’s basic policy is to distribute surplus twice a year as interim dividend and year-end dividend. We have determined to pay both interim and year-end dividends by a resolution of the Board of Directors pursuant to the article of incorporation unless otherwise provided for in laws and regulations.

Dividend per share: (yen)

  FY ended
March 2019
FY ended
March 2020
FY ended
March 2021
FY ended
March 2022
FY ended
March 2023
Interim 10 10 8 13 18
Year-end 9 10 10 10 16
Total 19 20 18 23 34
  1. The interim dividend for the fiscal year ended March 2019 include commemorative dividends.


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