Functions and Properties

Our unique technologies maximize the potential of zirconium’s diverse properties and functions and allows us to respond,as a dedicated zirconium manufacturer, to the wide-ranging needs of our customers.

Ionic conductivity

Solid, yet permeable to oxygen ions

While zirconium ceramics are solids, they exhibit the peculiar property of being permeable to oxygen ions.

Major applications
  • Fuel cells
  • Oxygen sensors
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Heat resistance

Resistant to heat and chemicals

The melting point of zirconium oxide is quite high—around 2,700 ℃. Its volume remains virtually unchanged, even at high temperatures. It also exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

Major applications
  • Continuous casting nozzles
  • Refractory bricks
  • Refractory crucibles
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Optical properties

Diamond-like clarity

Zirconium oxide is colorless, absorbs no visible light, and has a high refractive index, making it an ideal material for adjusting the refractivity. It also exhibits superior abrasion resistance.

Major applications
  • Anti-refractive (AR) coatings for displays
  • Hard coatings for eyeglass lenses
  • Film for adjusting the refractivity of camera lenses
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Strength, Toughness

A ceramic material with high toughness

When a force generates microcracks in zirconium ceramics, the force exerted on the areas surrounding the cracks modifies the crystal structure; the resulting volume expansion enhances the strength of the material. Specific to zirconium ceramics, this property has earned them a reputation as high-strength ceramic materials, but with metal-like properties featuring the flexibility of a fishing rod, making them resistant to breaking.

Major applications
  • Housewares cutting tools (kitchen knives, scissors)
  • Industrial cutting tools (paper processing machinery, textile machinery)
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Aesthetic use

A unique, exquisite appearance

The gloss and color of zirconium ceramics gives them a high-quality texture that can't be achieved with other materials and their beauty is kept almost permanently due to their resistance to aging deterioration.

Major applications
  • Decorations for clocks
  • Smartphone casing
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Chemical resistance

Resistant to both acids and alkalis

Zirconium ceramics scarcely react with either acids or alkalis. No elution will occur, even under the most severe corrosive environments, like those encountered in the chemical industry.

Major applications
  • Pump parts (cylinders, pistons, etc.)
  • Chemical solution transfer systems
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Supporting catalytic performance

The ultimate co-star

Exhibiting the properties of both an acid and a base, zirconium oxide is an amphoteric oxide. One or the other of these properties may be enhanced depending on the elements added. Zirconium oxides are used to promote the effects of the main catalyst to achieve specific results. For example, cerium-zirconium composite oxides offer enhanced oxygen absorption/release performance compared to cerium oxide, making them the preferred co-catalysts for automobile catalysts.

Major applications
  • Automotive exhaust gas purification catalysts
  • Catalysts for chemical synthesis
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Cross linking agent

A bridge between organic and inorganic materials

Zirconium exhibits high affinity to oxygen and tends to bond with carboxyl and hydroxyl groups. It can be used to form cross linking bonds with organic compounds that have these groups to add properties like low tackiness or water resistance.

Major applications
  • Paints
  • Binders
  • Cross linking agents for water-soluble polymers in papermaking
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Piezoelectric effect

Converting power into electricity and electricity into power

A material called PZT (lead zirconate titanate) ceramics produces an electric charge when compressed and deforms when an electric field is applied.

Major applications
  • Actuators
  • Spark plugs
  • Housing for earphones/speakers
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