Information Security Policy

The Daiichi Kigenso Kagaku Kogyo Group recognizes that high-level awareness of information security and protection of information assets are important management issues in order that the Group is to continue to grow with our stakeholders and to contribute to society.
Thus we herein establish our policy on information security and commit the Group to safe and appropriate management and use of information assets and to earning society’s trust by ensuring information security.

  1. We shall comply with applicable laws, governmental guidance, and other social norms related to information security.
  2. We shall define our responsibility for information security and put in place a system for implementing measures to address information security.
  3. We shall implement organizational, human, physical, and technological measures to counter information security risks.
  4. We shall continuously conduct education and awareness raising in relation to information security.
  5. We shall maintain our management systems and initiatives related to information security and endeavor to continuously improve these systems and initiatives.

All Group directors and personnel shall refer to this Information Security Policy and to guidelines established in associated internal rules as their guidance for day-to-day handling of information assets, and as members of the Group and of society, shall engage in commonsensical and responsible behavior.

Hiroshi Kokubu
Representative Director, Member of the Board; President, Executive Officer
Established on December 16, 2021

Information Security Policy(148KB) PDF


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