Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

We supply products to customers not only in Japan but also around the world. Thus, if a large earthquake, fire, or another serious disaster prevents us from supplying products, that may affect society.

In case of such disasters, we have developed business continuity plans as shown below in the head office and each site. In the event of an emergency, we establish emergency headquarters for smooth emergency response and recovery work.

Basic Policies

If a large-scale disaster occurs, we work to minimize its impact on customers (interruption of the product supply). Based on the following three priority policies, we carry out risk management according to the situation:

Respect and place maximum priority on human life.

Human life refers to the lives of employees, their families, temporary employees, visitors, and local residents.

Keep business running (fulfill our responsibility to deliver products ordered).

We restore the head office functions necessary to continue business within one week after the occurrence of a disaster. We move and restore the production functions within three months after the occurrence of a disaster.

Work to secure the safety of the entire region.

We prevent fires, explosions, and the blowout or leakage of toxic gases or chemical solutions and prevent the disaster from spreading over the region. To do that, we work to cooperate with the local communities.


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