Workplace Improvement Activities

Overview of Activities

We have been engaged in small group activities (workplace improvement activities) since 1984 with the aims of staying motivated without being satisfied with our current situation and making continuous efforts to build a desirable work environment.
We call these activities “Raku Raku Activities” (“Raku” means easy and happy in Japanese). The motto of these activities is “work easily and enjoy work.” Promoting improvement activities everyday in order to build a safe and comfortable work environment where all employees can work comfortably leads to cost reductions, stabilization of quality, and improvement in customer satisfaction.

Needless to say, the results achieved are returned to the team that contributed to the improvements. The results of improvements are shared among all divisions and used to make company-wide improvements. We will continue these activities to further enhance the corporate value.

Employees who want to participate in these activities form a team and apply for an entry. Anybody can join. These are voluntary activities and participants are kept highly motivated and full of enthusiasm.

Principles of Activities

  • Basically, these activities place special importance on human nature.
  • These activities are intended to build a vital workplace with job satisfaction.
  • These activities are expected to enhance each employee’s performance.
  • Thus, we aim to build a positive, pleasant workplace and help improve business performance and employees’ welfare.

Major Activities

Team activities

In principle, all divisions and all employees are expected to join, and each team works on 1 or 2 subjects annually.

Company-wide gathering for presentation

We hold an annual company-wide gathering for presenting activity results. Teams are expected to give clear and interesting presentations rather than just present the results of improvements. Teams’ presentation ability is tested. Teams are ranked by all the participating employees, and the top-ranked teams are given a prize.


A get-together is held as a place where teams can exchange opinions with each other. This meeting provides an opportunity for interaction among cross-divisional teams. Friendly and lively communications take place.

In-house organ “Kachi”

We publish the annual in-house organ “Kachi” (“Kachi” means value in Japanese). We send employees to external training to enhance their performance.


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