Safety and Health Activities

Safety and Health Policies

We work to prevent the occurrence of disasters with the aim of building a secure and safe workplace.

Basic principles

In order to maintain the safety and health of all those working at the company, we set the following policies and promote occupational safety and health activities and continuous improvements to build a Rewarding Workplace:

Basic Policies

  • We comply with safety and health related laws and regulations and other requirements to which we agree.
  • We work to build a safe and sound work environment and reduce safety and health risks.
  • We keep all the employees informed about these policies and work to increase their awareness of safety and health.
  • We make these policies public as needed.

Safety and Health Objectives

  • We develop different safety and health education programs for different divisions and different learning levels.
  • We promote safety and health activities throughout the group.

System and Persons in Charge

We have appointed a general safety and health manager, a safety supervisor, a health supervisor, and an industrial physician as those responsible for safety and health and formed a safety and health committee comprised of these and others selected as committee members. This committee examines, discusses, and gathers opinions about safety and health issues and works to make improvements.


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