Developed Product

Zirconium Carbide ZrC


  • This is zirconium carbide synthesized by high-temperature melting method.
  • With a melting point of about 3,600°C, the product has excellent resistance to heat.
  • It is known to have electric and heat conducting properties.
  • The particle size can be adjusted by crushing.

General specifications

Zr+Hf(wt%) C(wt%) N(wt%) O(wt%) H2O(wt%) True specific gravity(g/cm3) Vickers hardness(HV1)
Balance 11-13 0.6 0.8 0.01 6.4 2000-2400

SEM images

SEM images01

Coarsely crushed product

SEM images02

Finely crushed product

Developed Sol Product ZrO2

We provide highly transparent zirconia sol. Contact us for more details.

* The values listed on this page are not guaranteed values but reference values.

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